Basic Giant betta fish Facts


If you've been enchanted by the sweetness and engaging personality of Giant betta fish  and you believe you wish to own one, here certainly are a few basic Giant betta fish  facts that could interest you. Many of these tidbits of information might actually be helpful while others are simply interesting and simply add to your general knowledge about Giant betta fish. Such basic facts as origin and natural habitat are crucial if you probably wish to possess and look after bettas.Please Hit on read more to get more about Betta Fish.


The Betta splendens, or the Siamese fighting fish, is a native of the slow moving streams and ponds of Asia. First observed in Cambodia, that has been known before as Siam, hence the name Siamese fighting fish, it may also be found in Vietnam, Thailand, and China. Bettas are known to be very aggressive towards other bettas and will fight until their opponent backs down or gets seriously injured just to guard their territory. This behavior has been exploited for entertainment purposes, but these days the aggressive traits of Giant betta fish  tend to be bread out by the breeders.


Certainly, the beautiful colors and flowing fins make the betta a very attractive pet fish. Another reason because of their appeal is that they often react to their owners a lot more than other fish. Their eyesight is phenomenal and they'll usually approach the water surface once they help you coming. Male bettas have longer fins while females' fins are shorter. Male bettas may also be larger and a lot more colorful.


The aggressive nature of the betta is exactly why it is difficult to keep them in one tank without them exhibiting aggression towards each other. Though they attack other bettas, they're surprisingly tolerant of other kinds of fish and are oftentimes bullied by other aggressive fish. Maybe it's because they do not treat other kinds of fish as competitors for females.

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