Taking Care of Pet giant betta fish - What You Need to Know


Pet giant betta fish  are attractive and colorful fishes that you can place in your fish bowl. Besides its beauty, these Siamese fighting fish is also an easy task to take care and an easy task to breed as well.


When you have been eying for a Pet giant betta fish  to place into your fish bowl, it is important to understand everything about looking after Pet giant betta fish  to produce it healthy and beautiful in your care. This fish thrives in tropical waters of Thailand, and thus, you have to consider a few things if you want to put it in your fish bowl in the home, several miles far from its original home.Please Hit on learn more to get more about Betta Fish.


Listed below are the key considerations you have to take note.


Making Your Pet giant betta fish  Home


Some Betta lovers suggest putting the Pet giant betta fish on small bowls as they thrive well in shallow waters but you can even consider getting a good fish tank for your Betta. You need to use distilled water for your Betta tank and do not use tap water until you have filtered chlorine out of it or you have treated the water. Tap water can kill your fish


Remember that Bettas can jump high and out of these bowls or tanks, thus you have to also add a cover to your fish bowl to make sure they'd not jump out of it. You can include hiding places such as live plants and rocks but avoid any structures that could tear the fins of your pet.


Maintenance and Care

Looking after Pet giant betta fish  also requires maintenance like any other fishes in your fish tanks. You've to change the fish tank once per week to make sure they've clean water always. Clean the tank as well from rotten food that has been left uneaten.


Maintaining an appropriate temperature for your Bettas is also another important consideration. Many people who take care of Bettas often overlook the water temperature, thus it is important to be aware that Bettas originate in tropical waters and that the water temperature must certanly be maintained between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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