Check Your Bank Statements Every Month, If You Don't You May Be Losing Money In Unexpected Ways


Awhile back I acquired the dreaded letter from the financial institution saying you're overdrawn. I couldn't believe it, I wondered what the heck did I do?

Then I opened it down and I was overdrawn by over one thousand dollars and I was real concerned.

I called the financial institution and they explained the $3000 dollar check that I wrote was statements samples  Well I did not write a check always for that amount nevertheless they assured me I did so and explained where to.

I couldn't believe I possibly could take action so foolish but I called the business that I wrote the check to and they said yep, that was what I wrote it for, and I was overpaid on my account.

Then we had to begin the procedure of me getting the money back that I'd overpaid, in the meantime I needed to do a quick transfer or I might have more insufficient checks.

After I acquired the check covered and started the return process of getting my money back I acquired to thinking I couldn't have done anything that dumb.

So I called the financial institution and asked them if they were sure I'd wrote it for that amount and she assured me they check those forms of things, I still didn't believe her so I transpired there and said I needed a copy of the check.

Low and behold I HADN'T been stupid and wrote a 300 dollar check for 3000. The company I wrote it to had encoded it wrong and the financial institution didn't catch it.

So after apologies from the financial institution and their assurance they'd fix things right up for me personally I called the other company back and asked them if they were sure I'd made the mistake. She also assured me they always check most of these things. Then I said then how come I am holding the check and it is obviously written for only 300.00. She didn't have much to state then and they assured me they'd fix things right up.

In speaking with her she said she just assumed the fault was mine because even though they'd made the mistake certainly one of our banks might have caught it, yeah right.

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