​Most Used JavaScript Frameworks for Quick Software Development: Which to choose

The popularity of Javascript grows every day. It’s definitely the best screenplay language, allowing you creating exciting interfaces and simplifies the development of web applications, being a perfect open source iphone app development software and making the sites interactive and convenient to use.

The JavaScript web development frameworks are beyond any doubt and they are issued and updated daily, that’s why it’s difficult at times to go with the tides and understand which of the frameworks suits assembling your shed the best.

Before you choose a web iphone app framework to apply, you need to take multiple factors into consideration, the prerequisites of your project, for instance, or the strengths and disadvantages of the framework.

You cannot start working on the project without a preliminary research to choose that very technology, which will meet your needs.To facilitate your choice, we created this guide, you can use it as a reference source while choosing the best matching framework.


To put it in simple words, Javascript framework is a number of features and functions written in Javascript language and ready for the usage by developers. These features easily simplify the interaction between the iphone app and the server and speed up the manipulating of the web-page or iphone app elements.

The main advantage of using a web application development framework is the fact that it provides immediate reaction to the user getting together with your site right at the moment.

The basic content of the traditional sites without frameworks is stored on the server and any new content, which is necessary to be distribute requires page refill. When frameworks are used, only the required blocks of a website are reloaded.

This approach is used by social media sites, Facebook, for example. If you switch from the page "News" to "Messages", page refill does not happen, only several site sections change.

Most used and popular frameworks

JavaScript frameworks have at the moment become one of the most preferred web iphone app development platforms for modern single-page apps (SPAs), social networks, e-commerce products, SaaS platforms, and other software solutions creation.

At present, the development of modern web products has become almost impossible without making use of the frameworks. There are certainly some companies, which still use time-honored JavaScript programming software, but the speed and the cost of development increase many times.

As a consequence of time-honored JS intricacy, hundreds of the frameworks have appeared in the market, but the solid command in the software development market sits to these three: Angular, React and Vue.

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